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Shamim A. Aarzoo


In spite of being a Non-Lucknowite by birth, the love he carries in his heart for Lucknow as well as Literature is incomparable. The zeal to carry forward the heritage and culture of the city of Nawabs led him to the foundation of the LUCKNOW Society, which reflects his efforts to preserve the unique Lucknawi Tehzeeb and makes every citizen proud of the unique culture and heritage of which Lucknow has been a home for an endless time period now. At the very same time Literature also played a very important role to bring out the best in him as the founder of the Lucknow Literary Festival and Editor in chief of the first english literary magazine of Lucknow, The Lucknow Observer.

Displaying great leadership and vision, he has led from the front in an effort to make Lucknow a better place and, at the same time, reviving what rightfully belongs to Lucknow. Be it awareness campaigns like Kyun Ki Shahar Hai Aapka or paying tributes to Lucknow’s legends in Shaam-e-Adab. His innovativeness has been his sharpest tool to serve the city, be it his initiatives like Let’s revive, Save Our Heritage, Know Your City, which are not only targeted to make the city what it once used to be but too to make the youth aware of what they have been missing for so long or be it the book he recently presented to the city, Discovering Lucknow, a coffee table book, which not only gives the minutiae of the monuments but too depicts them in the then and now effect.

Always mindful, always in search of the next level, he not only sets an example for others but also sets very high standards for himself that ultimately set him apart from everyone.

  • Date of birth
    October 6th
  • Languages
    Hindi, English, Urdu
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    Photography, Travelling
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Founder & Secretary - LUCKNOW Society

2011 to present

As the Founder and Secretary of LUCKNOW Society, I have played a pivotal role in shaping and leading this non-profit organization since its establishment in 2011. My responsibilities include defining the organization’s mission, managing its day-to-day operations, and working with a dedicated team to drive community development, social initiatives, and cultural preservation efforts in the city of Lucknow. Over the years, I’ve overseen various projects, resource allocation, and partnership development, contributing to the organization’s positive impact and continued growth.

Founder & CEO - Lucknow Literary Festival

2013 to present

As the Founder and CEO of the Lucknow Literary Festival since 2013, I have led the strategic vision and management of this prominent cultural event. Under my leadership, the festival has become a renowned platform for celebrating literature, fostering intellectual discourse, and promoting cultural exchange. Responsibilities include curating world-class speakers, securing sponsorships, and overseeing the seamless execution of each annual festival, contributing to its continued growth and success.

Editor-in-Chief - The Lucknow Observer

2014 to present

In my role as Editor-in-Chief at The Lucknow Observer since 2014, I have spearheaded editorial direction, content strategy, and overall management of this esteemed publication. I have been responsible for shaping the newspaper’s voice, overseeing a team of talented writers, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality, informative, and engaging content to our readers. My contributions have played a vital role in maintaining the publication’s reputation for accurate, well-researched reporting and thought-provoking journalism.

Founder - Save Our Heritage

2012 to present

As the Founder of Save Our Heritage, I have been dedicated to the preservation and protection of our cultural and historical legacy since 2012. This role involves strategic planning, fundraising, and community engagement to ensure the safeguarding of our heritage sites, artifacts, and traditions. Through my leadership, the organization has achieved significant milestones in heritage conservation and continues to be a driving force in our commitment to preserving our shared cultural wealth.

Founder - Kyunki Shahar Hai Aapka

2014 to present

As the Founder of “Kyunki Shahar Hai Aapka,” a city-wide cleanliness initiative, I have been instrumental in promoting civic responsibility and environmental stewardship since 2014. This role involves strategic planning, community mobilization, and organizing large-scale cleanliness activities aimed at enhancing the urban environment. Through my leadership, the initiative has garnered strong community participation, fostered a cleaner city, and continues to inspire a sense of collective pride and responsibility for our urban surroundings.

Founder - LUCKNOW 360

2016 to present

As the Founder of “LUCKNOW 360,” I initiated and have sustained a unique project aimed at providing a comprehensive, immersive view of the city through 360-degree photos and videos. Since 2016, my role has involved project management, content creation, and technological innovation, fostering a dynamic and engaging representation of Lucknow across various media. This initiative has not only showcased the city’s diversity and beauty but has also contributed to promoting tourism, cultural appreciation, and technological advancement in the region.

Founder & Editor - Lucknow Post

2016 to present

As the Founder and Editor of Lucknow Post, a prominent Hindi news portal, I have been at the helm of editorial leadership since 2016. In this role, I have been responsible for establishing the publication, defining its editorial direction, and leading a team of dedicated journalists to provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive news coverage to our readers. My contributions have played a pivotal role in building the portal’s reputation for quality journalism and its growth as a trusted source of information in the region.


University of Lucknow

Graduation & Post Graduation in Commerce

This educational background reflects my strong foundation in commerce, acquired through rigorous coursework and academic pursuits at the prestigious University of Lucknow. These qualifications have equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field of commerce.

St. Francis Xavier's Inter College

My undergraduate degree was obtained from St. Francis Xavier’s Inter College in Kanpur, where I had the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills that have contributed to my educational foundation and personal development.


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